Indian history has always been painted in one way or the other that women, land or the the greed for throne were the reasons of war. Women being the victim of one’s perception of interpreting and narrating the story.

Let’s talk about some of such great women who unintentionally became the reason of war, where the history can also not question them why?


Lankapati Raavan kidnapped Ram’s wife Sita just because of a feud between the two kings that Ram had refused to marry Surpanakha, Raavan’s sister. Moreover, Lakshman had cut her nose when she visited them in their kuteer.

Raavan kidnapped Sita from her shack and enraged by the fact his wife has been kidnapped, Ram pledged a war against Raavan with the help of Hanuman and the Vaanar sena. The long battle finally ended with almost wiping out the lineage of Raavan’s kingdom and the new throne forwarded to Vibhishan to be the next king of lanka.

After the war ended Sita had to give a purity test that she was untouched by Raavana.


Queen Draupadi’s insult in the hindu epic Mahabharata is known to everyone. Draupadi had once laughed at Duryodhan in their palace when Duryodhan had accidently fallen to his knees in their newly built palace. Soon after, Duryodhan took his revenge by winning Draupadi as a bet in a game of gambling from Yudhistir. Duryodhan ordered his brother Dushasan to bring Draupadi in the assembly forcefully. When Draupadi resisted, Dushasan dragged Draupadi by the meins of her hair and brought her in the assembly hall where her husband’s watched her helpless self.

Duryodhan ordered his brother to disrobe her but was rescued luckily by her friend Krishna. Enraged by the insult, Pandavas and Draupadi, Draupadi cursed Duryodhan  that he will be brutally killed by her husbands and pledged that she won’t tie back her hairs untill she bathes them in their blood.

War took place and Duryodhan was killed alongwith his 100 brothers and close relatives, Pandavas rose as the next lineage to the Hastinapur throne , peace and prosperity prevailed in the valley.

Rani Padmavati

Rani Padmavati was the queen of Chittor, Wife of King Rawal Ratan Singh, and the daughter of Sinhala King. Rani Padma was renowned for her beauty and was so popular for it that once, the kingdom of Chittor was attacked by Alauddin Khilji to take Rani Padmavati by force.


Samyukta was the daughter of king Jaichand, the ruler of Kannauj benicar hct generic. On hearing the valor of Prithviraj Chauhan, Samyukta had fallen in love with him. They met for once and Prithviraj Chauhan too liked to marry Samyukta. But, Prithviraj and King jaichand belonged to two different clans of Rajput and hence on hearing the news about the love story brewing, King Jaichand organised a swayamvar for Samyukta to insult Prithviraj. All the eligible prince and kings were invited except for Prithviraj, and a statue of Prithviraj Chauhan made out of mud was stood guard to the doors of palace.

On hearing about the insult Prithviraj, thought of a plan to elope with his beloved Samyukta. His plan worked out, and on the wedding day King Prithviraj eloped with Samyukta on his horse and brought her to delhi and the relations of delhi and Kannauj were tensed soon after.

Mohammed Ghori tried to take the advantage of the situation and he attacked on teh prime front of delhi from east Punjab. He had a huge army at his disposal, and so Prithviraj sought help from Kannauj, but was obviously refused. But due to his valor and intelligence Prithviraj still won the war and Mohammed Ghori was made his prisoner.