When we come from outdoors from a strenuous day workout or from work and we find that bottle of water lying in and around the corner of our room, we grab it and drink the water from it, only to find out that the water in it tastes awful. Well, it happens with us all. We haven’t ever known the cause of that, neither we cared about whether water from the municipal corporation tap has an expiry date.

Well, its not the water that gets expired, but it gets contaminated over time by dust particles, bacteria or even algae that does not requires oxygen to grow.
But have you ever thought that even though river Ganga gets contaminated and has always been in the news for cleaning projects taken up by the government, even then its water does not gets contaminated.

If one has travelled to the hills, then you must know that the origin of the waters of Ganga is from the melted ice of glaciers of Gangotri, khatling glacier, satopanth glacier with the waters from the melted snow from kedarnath, nanda devi, and several other peaks. There are so many flora around these glaciers that have medicinal qualities and hence are speculated to be the reason to kill all the bacteria and pollutants, and keeps the water fresh for longer storage periods.

The other reason that is thought to be the explainable scientific reason: A virus called ‘Bacteriophage’ is found in the waters of Ganga that kills other harmful bacteria invading the water of river ganga.

Another possible explaination is that on the way from Gangnani to Gangothri in the upper regions of Himalayas you can see waterfalls from hot sulphur springs join Ganga at various places. The water from these hot springs is rich in sulphur and it has been proven that sulphur kills all the bacteria.

The scientific explainations could be many, but the divinity of the holy river Ganga is doubtless.