The Saptapadi, the Sanskrit word that means seven steps/feet, is the most important ritual of a hindu wedding and represents the legal part of the marriage. During the ceremony, the couple enchant their vows to each other and take rounds of the Holy Fire, which is considered as taking vows in front of the Fire God (Agni Dev) as the witness.

The Saath Pheras that must happen during the onset of the sunrise:

1. The first Phera or promise is made by the groom and bride to god for plenty of food and that they work for to get it in plenty.

2. In the second phera, the couple will ask for mental, spiritual and physical health from God. May they get healthy and prosperous life.

3. In the third phera, the couple prays to god for wealth and for strength to surpass all walks of life together- whether it be painful or filled with happiness.

4. In the Fourth phera, the couple pray for the well being of their common loved ones, i.e., their family. May their love and respect for each other grows with time.

5. In the Fifth Phera, the couple ask from god for beautiful, heroic and noble children from the God.

6. In the Sixth Phera, the couple asks for peaceful and long life with each other till eternity.

7. In the Seventh and the final Phera, the couple asks for blessing from God for companionship, loyalty and togetherness in all walks of life. They are now friends and with maturity they carry out their friendship for lifetime. Now they will not break each other’s trust and that all men and women apart from each other are secondary.

The Saath Pheres signify the friendship among the couple and confirms their bond for life.

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