For many years Tulsi plant has been worshipped by our elders, but I always wondered to know why?

In Sanskrit it is said:

Tulanaa naasti athaiva tulsi

Meaning – the one which is incomparable is tulsi.

It is said that when it comes to importance of worshipping and paying repects to gods and Hindu Deities, Tulsi plant comes first. Especially, Lord Vishnu and his incarnations are prayed forth following the worship of Tulsi. The virtue of Tulsi leaf is such that, it can be washed and recycled in the puja – as the leaf is self purifying.

Hindu Mythology and Legends about Tulsi:

There are many legends associated with it, with their own versions, some of the most popularly known one’s are:

  • Tulsi was the devoted wife of Shankhachud, a celestial being. An untoward incident in her life made her believe that Krishna had played a mischief and somehow had tricked her into sinning. On suspicion, she cursed Krishna that he be stoned for life. Seeing her devotion, righteousness and purity for her husband, Krishna blessed her saying that one day she would become a worshipped plant and that she will be worshipped before all the other Hindu Deities.
  • Another legend Says: Tulsi got married to Lord Vishnu with all the pomp and celebrations and was marked as a historical event. Lord blessed her to be his consort and subsequently she was symbolized as Goddess Lakshmi, the wife of Lord Vishnu. This set the benchmark in the Hindu system as all the weddings happen after the onset of ‘Tulsi Vivaah’ . Hence Tulsi is considered as the celestial being and is worshipped by Hindus in the form of plant as it is nature’s life sustaining creation.