The Mahabharata is one of the two major epics in the history of Hindutva. The Ramayana, the holy book that was originally written by Maharishi Valmiki who foretold the life of the most revered and the great king of Ayodhya, King Ram and The Mahabharata that foretold the great battle that took place between the Pandavas and the kauravas.

There are some very interesting stories that were never told in the scriptures that describe the mahabharata:

The Five Golden Arrows:

During the Mahabharata war, Duryodhan was unsatisfied with Bhishma Pitamah’s behaviour that he was being soft with the Pandavas and that he was not fighting with his true spirit. Being angered by the insult to the greatest kshatriya ever known, Bisma took out five golden arrows and enchanted mantras along with them, so that each arrow kills each of the Pandavas in the war next morning. Duryodhan still did not trust Bisma and so he took the arrows in his possession and told bhisma  that he would give them to him next morning.

Arjun Saves Duryodhan:

Before the the mahabharata war took place, when the pandavas were living in exile, Duryodhan had pitched his camp alongside the same bank of the river where Pandavas were hiding. One day when Duryodhan was taking bath in the pond, the heavenly prince Gandharvas also came down in the pond. Duryodhana picked a fight with them only to be defeated and captured. Arjun got to know about the fight and fought with Gandharvas and saved Duryodhan. Duryodhan was ashamed but being a kshatriya, he offered a wishful gift to Arjun. Arjun replied that he would ask for the honor gift when he needed it.


Arjun Asks for his gift:

During the battle, Lord Krishna reminds Arjun of his gift that was pending with Duryodhan and he tells Arjun to asks for those golden arrows as his gift. Arjun paid visit to Duryodhan the same night and asked for his gift of five arrows. Duryodhan was shocked but being a man of his word, he gave the arrows to Arjun. He asked Arjun about who told him about the golden Arrows to which Arjun replied that who could be as great who knows everything, Lord Krishna himself.

Duryodhan went back to Bisma to ask for another five golden arrows, to which Bisma laughed and replied “It’s not possible”.


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महाभारत ग्रन्थ के ”मौसल पर्व” के अनुसार पांडव वंशज की इस गलती से हुआ था कलयुग का आरम्भ !