Lord Krishna who had accomplished and made sure that the Pandavas win the war by his trickery and magic, had left many mothers to cry for their dead sons, wives lost their husbands, and many children became orphan. For the good of mankind, Mahabharata was supposed to happen as it became a fight of the right – Pandavas and the wrong- Kauravas. One such mother was Gandhari who had lost 100 of her sons during the war and her pain was unimaginable when even after trying to save the life of her first born –Duryodhan by seeing him naked and giving him the shield as a boon. But Krishna knew that Duryodhan’s end was meant to happen for the good of mankind and the future of human civilization.

After the great war that ended in Kurukshetra with the death of Duryodhan, Gandhari who felt besieged and betrayed by Krishna’s trickery which resulted in Duryodhan’s death, she shouted and cursed Krishna “ Oh Lord Vishnu’s Avatar, I prayed for so many years to you to avert this war. If you had the will and power, you could have ended this war way before every son of kuru had killed their own brothers. But you, who are a mocking god, did nothing and stood and watched as they killed each other for the throne. This is how you pay me respects in return of my prayers for years to you januvia online. I curse you that you will die in another 36 years from now, may the kingdom of Yadava’s be flooded and ravaged from the face of the earth. May all the kins of yadava royals kill each other just like the kins of kuru did to each other.”

Yadavas were growing powerful over time and hence would have become burden on earth in future and hence even Krishna wanted the end of his clan. With the curse given by Gandhari, Krishna thanked Gandhari for the curse because he wanted the same to happen.

Soon, Yadavas met their end, killing each other, floods mopping the streets and rid of each and every citizen.

After 36 years, Krishna laid down under a tree and went into Yoga Samadhi. At that time a hunter Jara entered the forest. The Hunter misunderstood Krishna’s foot for a lurking deer behind the woods and he shot an arrow towards it. As it hit the mark, Krishna smiled and realized that his time on earth over and that he should return to devalok.