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hindu gods and goddesses

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24 01, 2016

Hindu Mythology and Evolution Theory

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Hinduism includes a range of viewpoints about the origin of life, creationism and evolution. The holy book, Rigveda, mentions the Hiranyagarbha(“golden embryo”) which is similar to the world egg as the source of creation of the universe, that has been mentioned in other civilizations. It also contains a myth of the proto-Indo-European origin, the creation [...]

15 01, 2016

Gods and Goddesses and their manifestations in Hinduism

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Hinduism has been tolerant for centuries embedded within the pantheon of gods and goddesses, allowing anyone to experience the divine that suits best to them. This has explained how the members of the same hindu family worship many different forms of the same gods and goddesses. Some of the popular manifestations that have been known [...]

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