Kaal Bhairav is the violent manifestation of lord shiva, in honor of which people perform a special puja for their dead ancestors.

The Meaning of Kaal Bhairav

Kaal Bhairav- the lord of time, is the name given to this avatar of Lord Shiva that bestows good or favourable time.
There are many other names given to this roop of Shiva:
Swasva– He is known as the rider of the dog.
Dandapani– He who holds the danda to punish the sinners.
Kshetrapalaka– The protector of the temple. The Puja of kaal bhairav is very important for those who travel frequently or live overseas in foreign countries.

The Story behind Kaal Bhairav Avatar of Shiva-

The devotees for many centuries have been observing fast on this day to honor Lord Shiva to lead a healthy and pain free life. But have we ever wondered why our Bholenaath took this avatar.

When digged deeper into this it was found thru Shivmaha Purana and the Indian Mythology that a severe argument between Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma over who was more superior lead to Shiva taking this avatar.

The folklores told were invented by the very establishers of The Hindutva and hence it is no wonder that we made our gods do things as we humans do today- The fight of superiority.

So continuing the story….

During the argument Lord Brahma made insulting remarks on Shiva. Not taking the insult lightly, Shiva ordered his devotee Bhairav to cut off one of the five heads of Brahma. Following the orders of Shiva, Bhairav cut off one head of brahma leaving only four heads now(originally brahma had five heads). This act of Shiva nad Bhairav, others started praying Bhairav and Shiva.

Devotees prayed the entire night and at midnight offered the aarti. Lord Bhairav was a rider of the black dog, and henceforth people feed black dogs on this day.

It is said that if people are facing troubles with evil spirits or any kind of paranormal activity, they offer prayers to Kaal Bhairav on this day. Even to pay homage to ancestors and make their souls rest in peace, people offer prayers to kaal bhairav.

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काल भैरव मंदिर, उज्जैन – जहाँ काल भैरव करते है मदिरा का सेवन !