Hanuman, the valiant Monkey god was the avatar of Lord Shiva, one of the most powerful gods according to the Hindu Trinity. Lord Brahma had blessed Hanuman with many boons. The tremendous amount of powers surging through Hanuman made him a mischievous kid soon after his birth. One of the most popularly known incident through Hindu Scriptures is that Hanuman tried to gulp the sun thinking of it as a fruit. Most of the mischief done by Hanuman were very funny, just think of a demi-god going around teasing gods and sages.

Hanuman used to ponder in forests where many ascetic sages used to meditate. Hanuman’s noisy stomping through the forest began to disturb the meditation of these ascetics, but these Brahmins kept  their thoughts to themselves. Hanuman never left these opportunities to stir  more mischief. During the Havan Kund, Hanuman used to douse the fire, eat the sage’s food, tear the cleaned linen and once when an ascetic slipped into deep meditation Hanuman would tug on the poor man’s beard until he was jolted back to consciousness.

Eventually, these Brahmins were determined that until Hanuman was punished, he would not let them do their penance. So they went to Lord Brahma and explained that about Hanuman had done and that all his powers out of control for him. They cannot meditate anymore, and the other devatas were also complaining about Hanuman’s wrong doings.

All the Gods and sages were worried that even though Hanuman was destined to become the savior of mankind, he has no control of his powers as a child. Great Sages born in the families of Bhrigu and Angira, who never lost their temper, became furious and cursed Hanuman that until he was reminded of his powers when the time is right, he would forget about the powers that are surging within him and would lead a normal life.

Only it happened during the great Hindu Epic Ramayana when Hanuman was reminded of his powers and his duty towards Lord Ram that he again gained control of his powers and eventually led to the destruction of Ravan’s Lanka.

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