Hinduism includes a range of viewpoints about the origin of life, creationism and evolution. The holy book, Rigveda, mentions the Hiranyagarbha(“golden embryo”) which is similar to the world egg as the source of creation of the universe, that has been mentioned in other civilizations.

It also contains a myth of the proto-Indo-European origin, the creation arises out of a single cosmic being or according to the Hindu scriptures, the Purusha, who is sacrificed by the gods for the benefit and creation of Universe. As for the gods of Earth, Sun, Moon, water and air themselves, the Nasadiya Sukta of Rigveda states that these gods came into existence after the world creation and when the world was created no one knows.

In the later version of the Hindu holy scriptures, the creator god and one of the Holy trinity, Brahma is described as performing the act of ‘creation’.
The Shatapatha Brahmana states that the current human generation descends from Manu, the only man who survived the great deluge after the Gods warned the mankind of their wrong deeds and wiped them all from earth to give nature a chance to start afresh.

Similar stories have been mentioned in Holy bible and Quran, named as “Noah’s Ark” where the Noah was the only man who survived the great floods with the help of wooden ark that he built. A Hollywood movie was also made based on the same story named as “Noah”.

Some Hindu texts have also linked “Dashavatara” of Lord Vishnu with the Evolution theory by Charles Darwin, who gave to the world many scientific evidences for how the world came into existence.