Ganesh Puja

Looking Panditji for Ganesh Puja..Book a pandit online for Ganesh Puja. Before that let’s have a look at Ganesh Puja

Lord Ganesha is considered as the supreme God among all Hindu Gods and is the first to be worshiped
during any auspicious event.The festival which is celebrated in honor of the god Ganesha is “Ganesh Chaturthi”. Although Ganesha Puja can be done during Pratahkala, Madhyahnakala and Sayankala but Madhyahnakala  is preferred during Ganesha Chaturthi Puja. Madhyahnakala Puja time for Ganesha Puja can be known at Ganesha Chaturthi Puja Muhurat.

When to do Ganesh Puja

4th September 2016, the Labh time is between 09:33 to 11:05 and the Amrit
time is 11:05 to 12:37. Ganpati ji can also be brought home (Avahana or Welcome)
during the Shubh time which is between 14:10 to 15:42. The Muhurut for evening
time would be the Shubh time which is between 18:47 to 21:42.

Importance of Ganesh Puja

This festival is celebrated with extreme vigour and enthusiasm especially in western India, specifically in Maharashtra. Here the celebration lasts for ten days and the deity of Ganesha is kept for all these ten days even by common people of Maharashtra. Worship of Lord Ganesha was started by Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and this was done as a non-community affair.
Lord Ganesha is an elephant headed God and is worshipped prior to all Hindu Gods. His name is repeated before starting any work and is believed to be very fortunate and propitious. People even keep the idol or image of Lord Ganesha on their doors to let positive vibrations enter the house. The image of God is imprinted on invitation cards for weddings and the presence of the Lord is solicited on the occasion by worshipping the Lord first.
Lord Ganesha is considered as the God of power and wisdom. There are various stories associated that show how cleverly and coolly he used to deal with complicated matters. There are several names given to the Lord after all his good doings like Gajanana, Dhoomraketu, Ekdanta, Vakratunda, Sidhdhi Vinayaka and many more.

Benifits of Ganesh Puja–>

1. The worship of Lord Ganesh brings good fortune to one’s personal and professional life.
2. This pooja helps one become wise and knowledgeable.
3. The souls of the worshippers are purified by the grace of Lord Ganesh.
4. Financial difficulties are resolved easily by performing Ganesh pooja and one can gain great success in their business.
5. Helps to control the influence of the Rajas and Tamas Gunas of the worshippers.
6. Activates the Adnya Chakra of the devotee.
7. Lord Ganesh is worshipped before the pooja of any other God and before starting any new professional ventures.
8. Ganesh pooja during the auspicious occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi increases the effect of this pooja manifold.

Griha Pravesh is considered as auspicious and should be done on the auspicious day according to Griha Pravesh Muhurat as per Hindu Calander. Griha Pravesh Muhurat in 2016 can be consulted with Panditji.