Durga Puja

Bhoomi is a sacred element in Hinduism along with – Agni(Fire), Jal(Water),Vayu(Wind) & Aakash(Sky). Bhoomi is considered our mother and we pray to her for our prosperity and well being.

The activity of praying is called Bhoomi Puja (Bhoomi Pooja).

Bhoomi pooja helps in taking his and other God’s blessings ensuring the safety and well being of the people who are going to acquire the land.

When to do Bhoomi Puja

When the piece of land has been acquired for :

Building a house,
Building a bungalow
For commercial premises

Bhoomi Puja (Bhoomi Pooja) is done before the start of any sort of construction activity.

Importance of Durga Puja in Hinduism

Durga Puja or Navaratri commences on the first and ends on the tenth day of Navratri. It is said that Maa Durga killed the buffalo-headed demon Mahishasura on this day. The tenth day is called Vijaya Dasami or Dussera (the “tenth day”).

The festival of Durga Puja marks this brief visit and ends with the Vijaya Dasami day, when Goddess Durga leaves for her return to Mount Kailas.

Benifits of Durga Puja

Goddess Durga is our divine mother. She is believed to have created our universe and is our savior from all sorrows and dangers.

She is also our inner strength and bestows upon us prosperity, wealth, knowledge, auspiciousness and all possible positive powers.

Durga Puja is performed:

-For wealth, knowledge and Prosperity.
-Relief from diseases and all sorrows
-Protect from dagers and evils.
-For courage and building self-confidence