Lord Shiva was an ascetic God and hence did not want to marry but it was important for the universe that Shiva marries someone and have a family. For the same reason, Lord Brahma asked Adishakti to be born as the daughter in King Daksha’s Kingdom. Lord Shiva belonged to the ascetic world and King Daksha to the Human world and its ways. King Daksha was Lord Brahma’s son and hence was a very high-headed and arrogant king who thought of himself as the demi-god.

He was unaware of the fact that one day his daughter will eventually marry Lord Shiva. Sati was in love with Shiva and went through a lot of penance to please him , and he agreed. Soon they were married, but King Daksha did not like Shiva and his ways. The human side of Sati devi always longed for her father’s acceptance of Shiva.

One day, King Daksha organized a Yagna in his palace. So, Sati Devi- the merger of the two worlds, asked Shiva to accompany her to her father’s palace. Shiva had refused to go with Sati and saddened by Shiva’s ignorant behavior, Sati left for the yagana at her father’s palace. But during the yagna, King Daksha humiliated Shiva and Sati felt insulted. Sati jumped into the fire of the yagna for the good of both of the worlds to come together.

Sati made a sacrifice so that she could be born again and only this time with a family who could accept Shiva and sati as a couple. Sati would be born as Parvati and would again get the love of Shiva.

As Shiva learned of Sati’s death, he mourned in rage. He picked up the charred body of Devi Sati and began the dance of destruction- Tandav. Shiva was on the path to destroy every living form and the only way to save earth and its occupant living beings was to destroy Sati devi’s body. To save earth Lord Vishnu Cut Sati’s body into 51 pieces that fell to earth and today we know these places as 51 shakti peethas or Sati devi’s temples.

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