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Bhoomi Puja

Bhoomi is a sacred element in Hinduism along with – Agni(Fire), Jal(Water),Vayu(Wind) & Aakash(Sky). Bhoomi is considered our mother and we pray to her for our prosperity and well being.

The activity of praying Bhoomi is called Bhoomi Puja (Bhoomi Pooja).

Bhoomi pooja helps in taking his and other God’s blessings ensuring the safety and well being of the people who are going to acquire the land.

When to do Bhoomi Puja

When the piece of land has been acquired for :

Building a house,
Building a bungalow
For commercial premises

Bhoomi Puja (Bhoomi Pooja) is done before the start of any sort of construction activity.

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Importance of Bhoomi Puja in Hinduism

Bhoomi Puja (Bhoomi Pooja) is performed before the construction of house. Performing Bhoomi Puja before construction is a sign of good vastu.

Benifits of Bhoomi Puja:

Bhoomi Pooja removes Vastu dosh on that piece of land.
Through Bhoomi Puja, we pay regards to vastu purush and invoke his blessings.
Bhoomi Puja protect us from local negative energies.
It makes the piece of land fertile and bring luck and good fortune to the building.

Bhoomi Puja Vidhi  (Bhoomi Puja Procedure)

First panditji set an auspicious time and date for the puja as per Hindu Calendar.

Then pandit visit the site and chooses the appropriate area for performing the puja, usually the north east corner.

In this chosen place a pit is dug. With roli, chawal and flower, puja is performed.This kalash or plastic box is placed in the pit that is dug.

This pit is covered with bricks and cement. The Vastu Purush is invoked and prayera are offered to get his blessings.

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