Pawan putra, Hanuman as we all know was the incarnation of Lord Shiva and a great devotee of Lord Ram. But there are some facts that no one knows about Hanuman even though many TV Series tried to depict some of these life events from Hanuman’s life.
1.Birth of Lord Hanuman

Anjana, a beautiful apsara in the celestial palace of Lord Brahma was cursed by a sage that, the moment she would in love with someone, she would get a monkey face. Brahma thought of helping her and finally sent her to earth. There Anajana met Kesari, the Vaanar king, and they both got married. She was an ardent follower of Lord Shiva and did a very difficult Tapasya, so that Lord Shiva takes birth as her son and she also be freed of the sage’s curse.


On the other side, King Dasrath was performing a yagna in his court, when on the instructions of Lord Shiva, a sage came to visit King Dasrath with kheer. The sage instructed Dasrath to feed all his wives. A portion of Kaushalya’s kheer, was snatched by a an Eagle who flew all the way where Anjana was sitting and meditating. On the instructions of Lord Shiva, Lord Vayu( aka Pawan – wind) dropped the kheer in Anjana’s hands. Thinking it as Lord Shiva’s prasad Anjana ate it and thus was born- Lord Shiva’s incarnation and was also known as to be Pawan Putra, Hanuman.